An orchard grows in Cork County Ireland

The orchard movement continues:

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Urban Orchard Community establishes network

In January, a group of urban orchard folks got together and with the help of the Alliance for Community Trees and the Arbor Day Foundation created the Community Orchard Network. We are now almost 200 strong, people who are involved in, or seeking to be involved in, creating, promoting and managing urban orchard work.

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Urban Trees

Orchards as Theaters of Grace

The Blessing and Necessity of Public Parks... and Orchards

The next generation


Who We Are

Growing an edible Baltimore

The Baltimore Orchard Project strengthens communities through planting and cultivating orchards, teaching citizens to be long-term stewards, and sharing the harvest among neighbors.

We work with schools, congregations, neighborhoods and individuals to turn vacant, wasted or under-used swatches of land into productive sources of food, neighborhood gathering places, and lively ecosystems that keep our communities and ourselves healthy.

Cultivating orchards, cultivating communities.

We'd love to work with you. 

Get Involved.

The Baltimore Orchard Project at Carroll's Hundred

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