On gleaning

We are sometimes asked what gleaning means, or how gleaning differs from harvesting.

Indeed, we often use the two words interchangeably - both referring to the act of gathering foods from managed fields (as opposed to foraging, which is gathering foods from the wild).

But there is a big difference between the two.

Gleaning is biblical concept which refers to...Read more

Wild Fruits

The last, unfinished work, of Henry David Thoreau was a magnum opus of the wild fruits that populated the woods in his beloved New England.

He takes the reader through a season-worth of ripening, in order of appearance, from elm and dandelion in May to birches and pitch pine in November. 

I have just begun accompanying him on this journey...Read more

New neighborhoods need old trees

Iowa City Food Forest

What I told the USDA

2014 Farm Bill

More quotables from Wendell Berry

Who We Are

Creating a patch of Eden in every neighborhood

The Baltimore Orchard Project is dedicated to bringing fresh fruit and productive fruit trees to neighborhoods throughout Baltimore and to creating a greener, healthier, resilient and enchanting community as we go.

We work to grow, glean and give away urban fruit, neighbor to neighbor, to those who want and those who need.

We work with schools, congregations, neighborhoods and individuals to turn vacant, wasted or under-used swatches of land into productive sources of food, neighborhood gathering places, and lively ecosystems that keep our communities and ourselves healthy.

We'd love to work with you. 

Get Involved.

The Baltimore Orchard Project at Carroll's Hundred

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