The intimacy of trees

Here is a lovely sentiment I happened to bump into (randomness, serendipity or just rubbing two things together can sometimes be our most creative tools)

"When I grow the tree from seed or from cutting, when I nurse the tree from a sapling, when I eat of its fruit and sleep in its shade, when I watch it grow year...Read more

A Wendell quote

Though Wendell Berry is not without his detractors (who among us isn't?), he often speaks fundamental truths in such clear, compelling ways that they merit sharing.

In his latest book, Our Only World, Berry says two things that underpin the work of the BOP:


1) People and land flourish in each other's presence. We know that people often are harmed...Read more

Community Orchard Network - 3rd webinar, on urban foraging

The Peepers are Back!

An orchard grows in Cork County Ireland

Urban Orchard Community establishes network

Urban Trees

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Who We Are

Growing an edible Baltimore

The Baltimore Orchard Project strengthens communities through planting and cultivating orchards, teaching citizens to be long-term stewards, and sharing the harvest among neighbors.

We work with schools, congregations, neighborhoods and individuals to turn vacant, wasted or under-used swatches of land into productive sources of food, neighborhood gathering places, and lively ecosystems that keep our communities and ourselves healthy.

Cultivating orchards, cultivating communities.

We'd love to work with you. 

Get Involved.

The Baltimore Orchard Project at Carroll's Hundred

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