The Baltimore Orchard Project

mulchers.JPGWe are a diverse group of people who have joined together to grow, glean and give away fresh, healthy, local fruit to those in need in the neighborhoods of Baltimore.

We bring together our knowledge, passion,  and resources to turn waste into abundance. We glean fruit from trees in our yards, streets and civic places, fruit that would otherwise go to waste, and we distribute it to those in need. We partner with  individuals and organizations in our community to plant trees, orchards and food forests (fruit trees, berry bushes and grapevines) on land that can give us more for the benefit of our neighbors, our towns, our children and ourselves, today and tomorrow.

Fruit trees create enchanted groves where neighbors can meet, rest, and seek refuge from the rush of the day. They bring pleasant blossoms and aromas in the spring, shade and comfort in the summer and food and fun in the fall.

Fruit trees offer all the benefits that other trees do, only more. They clean the air of pollutants and particles, absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, bring shade to our homes, sidewalks and streets, soak up storm water, create habitats for helpful wildlife, clean the soils, enhance real estate values, cool our parked cars and more. But unlike other trees, they also feed us.

We want to work with you to create a time when there are orchards in every neighborhood, with fruit for the picking to all who walk by.

Click on Get Involved and tell us who you are, and how we can work together.

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