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What to Plant in Central Maryland

Guidance From a Local Orchard Owner - Scott Fraser Smith:
DC NonProfit Casey Trees Presents: Organic Fruit Tree Management Plan
University of Maryland Extension: Comparison of Fruit Plants for MD Gardens
University of Maryland Extension: Fruit Growing Supplies and Organic Pest Management
Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association: Resources


Food Forests and Companion Planting 

Soil Testing

Lead in Soils - What You Need to Know: Baltimore City Department of Health
Lead in Garden Soils: University of Maryland Extension
Selecting and Using a Soil Testing Laboratory: University of Maryland Extension
Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory: UMass Amherst (about $15 for lead, arsenic and cadmium soil testing - confirm prices)
Soil Safety Resource Guide for Urban Food Growers: Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Urban Community Gardeners' Knowledge and Perceptions of Soil Contaminant Risks, Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Fruit Growing Supplies and Organic Pest Management

Herring Run Nursery - Baltimore City
Pong's Orchard - Howard County
Sun Nurseries - Howard County
Valley View Farms - Baltimore County
Mail Order

Baltimore City Resources 

Neighborhood Land Locator: Power in Dirt
Ask an Expert - University of Maryland Extension: Baltimore City Master Gardeners
City Greening Resource List courtesy of: Friends of West Baltimore Squares
MD Department of Natural Resources Liasion: Baltimore City Forestry Board

Growing Fruit - University of Maryland Extension and Master Gardeners Knowledge Base

Home and Garden Information Center 
      Soil Testing
UME Native Fruits Workshop 2012: Powerpoint Overview
UME Native Fruits Workshop 2012: Comparison of Fruit Plants for MD Gardens
UME Native Fruits Workshop 2012: Resources
Other University Sites
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: Training and Pruning Fruit Trees
Ohio State University: Fruit Pathology
University of Connecticut: Integrated Pest Management - Tree Fruit
Mid Atlantic Fruit Loop:  Information Portal 
University of Idaho: Fruit Tree Primer
Help with Specific Fruits
Figs: University of Georgia (Follow North GA)
Pear, European: Virgina Tech
Raspberries: Ohio State University 


I'm Nuts about Nuts: National Gardening Association

How-To Sites

EarthEasy: Fruit Tips from Homesteading Expert Greg Seaman
A World of Hope - John Jeavons: Expert on Mini-Farming
City Fruit: Seattle, Washington Non-Profit Orchard Program
The Urban Farmers: San Francisco, California Non-Profit Fruit Growing Experts
Mast Tree Network: Non-Profit for Restoring North America's Native Orchards and Forests 
Grow Organic Apples: Holistic Orchard Network
Starting a Community Orchard Guide (North Dakota Dept of Agriculture)


Other Tree Resources


Membership Groups 


Inspiring Food System and Educational Resources

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