What Can I Do?

Pick fruit

Fruit trees are gifts that one generation gives another.

We harvest fruit today from trees that our ancestors planted years ago. We plant trees today so that we and our children can harvest fruit years from now.

We plant so that Baltimore may be filled with fruit trees, in front of homes, beside vegetable gardens, on college campuses, in community orchards and public parks. We plant so that neighbors can reclaim vacant lots and turn them into enchanted places with fruit for the picking.

We imagine neighbors sharing their bounty of fruit with friends, family and those in need. We see people picking fruit on their way home from school or work or while out for a stroll.

If you are interested in organizing a fruit tree planting in your neighborhood, school, congregation, corporate campus, or anywhere else you imagine, or if you need help planting a fruit tree at home, contact us at ninabeth@baltmoreorchard.org

Distribute fruit

We need to take the fruit we harvest and give it to organizations that can distribute it to those in need. Ideally, we do this on the same day we pick the fruit. That way it doesn't need to be moved, stored and moved again. We currently have several places conveniently located in Baltimore City.  If you can help, let us know.

Find and register fruit trees

We are collecting information about legacy (existing) fruit trees to harvest. These can be on private property, in parks, along side streets, anywhere we can reach. If you have such a tree or know of such trees, click on the Tree Registration Form and tell us what you know. We will only harvest the fruit after getting permission from the owners, so please give us as much contact information as you can.

Also, if you are a member of a congregation, PTA, neighborhood association or other social group, and would like us to come and talk about the BOP, please let us know. The more we get the word out, the more trees we find, the more fruit we pick and the more people we serve.


Share expertise

RussMoss.JPGIf you are a master gardener, horticulturist, landscape architect or otherwise love working with land design and fruit trees, we could use you. We need friends to help us respond to technical questions - by phone - about which trees to plant in what places, which to plant along with what, how to handle pests organically and more. So if you can place a few calls a month to folks who might need help selecting, planting and managing their trees, please let us know.


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